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October 27, 2016 - Comments Off on ‘Tis the (Best) Season

‘Tis the (Best) Season

'Tis the (Best) Season

Fall (n.) - the brief time of year in New York City when you can avoid hoards of tourists (at least for a little while) and 4-foot mounds of black snow. The aforementioned pros of living in or visiting the city during this wondrous, albeit short period aside, we feel that this is truly the best time of the year to be in the city. We also feel that New York is best experienced by foot, and the temperate climes currently on display by Mother Nature make this a realistic option.

Our friends over at Curbed NY appear to agree. Their staff has pulled together a full slate of must visit real estate destinations (specifically for Fall!), many of which offer a convenient excuse to get outside and enjoy the crisp seasonal air.

Outdoor highlights include peeping the autumnal hues provided by Central Park, The Bronx Botanical Garden, and The Cloister’s foliage. There are plenty of indoor options as well for when you start to feel a chill.

Grab your scarf and some apple cider and see how many you can tackle before winter arrives:

And while you’re out conquering the city, check out some of Visualhouse's picks for the season:



  • Llama Inn | Williamsburg
    Light, airy and plant-filled Peruvian restaurant with exceptional cocktails.
  • Pasquale Jones | Nolita
    NoLita Italian hotspot lives up to the fanfare with exceptional dishes worth the potentially long wait.
  • Nix | Greenwich Village
    Creative and hearty vegetarian/vegan dishes created by Michelin-starred chef John Fraser.